CUSTOM FRAMING - Crafting Designs for aesthetic pleasure

We have a wide variety of beautiful wooden moldings in stock and more that we can order at our same standard prices. We also carry a large selection of colors in premium mat board as well as varying finishes to complement and feature art and photography. For budget minded customers, we have premium mouldings and mat board at everyday reduced prices.

Because of potential damage to a work of art from ultraviolet light, the type type of glass selected must be considered an important part of the final project. We offer all types of glass: regular, reflection control, UV protected, conservation, and museum quality for especially fine and original art.

Custom Framing

The image to be framed requires a refined evolution in selection of mat board color and style as well as the style and color of moulding. Aside from that, much is to be considered in material selection, such as overall fashion of the surroundings, individual style preferences, the potential amount of light exposure, and the aesthetic weight of the art. Our custom framing studio is a place where customers can collaborate with our designers to create a look that enhances the photography or art piece to its aesthetic best in its frame while complementing the customer's taste. After all, our ultimate goal is customer satisfaction -- a very happy customer.


Print & Photo Services

In addition to custom framing, we also offer in-house photo and printing services. We can accommodate all of your digital pictures from a cd, memory card, or flash drive as well as scanning and archiving from old photos and slides. Don't forget about your family movies on vhs and film; we can transfer those to dvd or blu-ray so that your whole family can enjoy sitting on the couch and enjoy making new memories while reminiscing over old ones. Call 478-254-2310 or visit us for more information on film and video services.

Business Hours:

Monday - Friday 10:30 am - 5:00 pm

Saturday 10:30 am - 1:30 pm


In addition to superior custom framing, we also welcome our customers' framed work for repairs and updating. We will replace broken glass, replace aged and worn mat board with fresh new colors, re-build a frame or repair a frame, and generally update any work that needs a helping hand.

Readymade Frames

We have used many gorgeous moldings to create readymade frames at special prices for your standard size prints. We also have a number of readymade frames in odd sizes. Keep in mind our photography department can print in any size -- standard or custom -- that you desire. Standard sizes of mat board are also ready and available to our customers at reduced prices.